October 9 - 11

Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

Volunteer Committees


Help at front gate scanning tickets and greeting visitors to the park. Also, help credential patrons at Ace corner.


A "utility" position, A-TEAM volunteers will perform a variety of tasks throughout the event. This position is ideal for the problem solver that's not afraid to fill in with different committees at different times.


Responsible for charging and distributing radios.

Fan Zone

Responsible for making sure spectator foot traffic is flowing freely and spectators as well as vendors are following park rules.

Paddock Club

To help check credentials and distribute wristbands and meal vouchers to those who are allowed access inside the Paddock Club.

Paddock Credentials

Responsible for the signing of waivers and distributing paddock passes for spectators entering the paddock area.

Paddock Marshals

Responsible for pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the paddock area.

Product Distribution

Responsible for making sure all coolers are filled with drinks and water each morning and replenished throughout the day.

Volunteer Headquarters

Responsible for checking-in volunteers and distributing meal vouchers.